Russian designer Maxim Shkret creates beautiful digital illustrations of predators in the wild. 


Hello FACT,

We notice that you have recently advertised for unpaid volunteer gallery attendants. We understand that up until recently these were paid positions that provided solid entry-level jobs in the arts. Indeed, we notice that this shift happened at around the same time you hosted the…



How October Jones Passes Time on the Train

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Society as a whole, appears to have a natural impulse to condemn what it doesn’t understand. Perhaps this stems from our desire to feel at ease with our own behaviors and to promote our own unique, moral self righteousness that we have all uniquely created as a tool to cling to an identity of…

Read this!  A lovely piece of writing - social commentary, heart felt philosophies within breath taking (and giving) realities of coincidence and consequence of action.  All that plus I had two genuine lol moments in amongst the ride.  Beautiful x


What the fox says…

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Here, hear.  A very important message.

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To prove I’m bored, here’s a clip… Hi Mum!

The elephant teapot in Onion on Aigburth Road, Liverpool.


Things come apart

Toronto-based photographer todd mclellanexplores retro to modern daily items that have, are, or will be in our everyday lives. displayed within the exhibition, every piece of various household items - a phone, lawnmower and typewriter - are meticulously taken apart, and arranged in an organized composition. in another take on a childhood fantasy, mclellan photographs the disassembled pieces as he ejects them into mid-air, allowing pieces to rain down in an explosion-like fashion - offering a commentary on obsolete technologies from the past.